• Deal

    You deal in black and white
    And set your expectations low,
    But I know so many shades of gray
    And live for risk.... more »

  • Let Go

    And with a prelude of soft ocean air,
    And sea salt foaming and sizzling out,
    We ran into ocean waves,
    Tripping over feet and heart...... more »

  • Let Me Show You

    Let me show you Life,
    Life before all the emptiness,
    Before all the distrust and hate,
    Let me show you Life... more »

  • Tonight's The Night

    There is a line.
    And I'm breaking it.
    It's drawn in the sand.
    And tonight's the night... more »

  • Two

    He understood it all, without a thought
    And it was soothing.
    He knew without a doubt:
    The way to make me cringe,... more »