• As You Sit There Smiling

    As you sit there smiling
    I stand here drowning in self pity
    How could you do this to your daughter?
    How could you hurt her?... more »

  • Dat Boy

    i got dat boy
    that holds my hands
    and although im cranky
    he understands... more »

  • Dis Is Meeeeee =)

    I am just a girl who
    Daydreams all the time
    Who loves to dance and likes the color red
    Who gets in trouble all the time without even realizing it... more »

  • Graduation

    and so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
    what we're gunna be when we turn 25
    i keep on thinking times will neva change
    keep on thinking things will always be the same... more »

  • Happy Birthday Sd

    Happy Birthday dad!
    Sorry I'm grounded on your birthday... more »

  • I Don'T Understand

    Mom, you tell me to do one thing
    i do it but then u have a problem on how I did it
    you tell me to do so many things
    u want me to do like 3 things at one time... more »

  • I Want You Back

    I know what we got is true
    When I ain't wit chu everything around me is blue
    I wonder if u come back I wonder if u still feel what I do
    But no matter what I know you will always be my boo... more »

  • Ima Be Dat One

    Growing up as a kid I got beating by bats
    Growin up as a kid i had to say 'daddy I miss u'
    'mom I want you'
    growin up as a kid I was abused got kidnapped i was molested... more »

  • Learn About The Little Boy Who Thinks He's Grown

    My brother is like any other
    Sits at home watches T.V.
    Likes to go outside but can never defeat
    He's charming but mean... more »

  • Me N You

    Me and you forever it will be
    Let the love shall proceed
    Love is like magic
    And forever it will be... more »

  • My Love

    Baby, today we make 1 month
    And I love you so much
    I'm so glad you love me back
    Most people choose fear over love... more »

  • When Shit Goes Wrong Just Take The Path

    Sometimes we just have to stop analyzing the past
    ~stop planning the future
    ~stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel
    ~Stop deciding with out mind what we want out heart to feel... more »