Lady Lyn Rosete Comments (2)

Lady Lyn Rosete is a nice poetess from United Kingdom who writes beautiful poems from her own perception. I have read her poems and reviewed these. Her poems, 'Untitled and The Tunnel, ' are truly very lovely poems of high values of expression. I ma wishing her all the best. May God bring happiness and fortune for her!
Troubled dreams, your soul burns deep Share your darkest thoughts. Save you. Sleep.... -- wish i could be that one, one that save you... comfort you.. and break all the odds you face.... and keep you safe, unharm by this strange world... Quiet moments, tender weeps, Sadness engulfs you. Our friendship For keeps. - for i still longing for the... tears we share... for laughters.. and as the times goes by the an unfading frienship we had... will survive... till ends... comments- It's one of the most wonderful piece i had read..keep it up..