LaKetra King Biography

Reality of My Life: A Collection of Thoughts, was inspired by many relatives, friends, leaders and co-workers over the years. I started writing poetry and spoken word at an early age. I also received many awards and recognitions for my work. It wasn’t until high school and when I joined my pastor, Reverend CC Murrell, at Greater New Hope M. B. C., that I realized my poetry and words of expression were an inspiration and touched many lives. This book contains my thoughts and emotions about the events I have observed and experienced in my life. After my brother passed away in 1991, my poetry became more emotional. As I battled with my life’s circumstances, I began to write about my spiritual being, love and experiences. I often had requests to write poetry and speak for my church and other events. This motivated me to continue to write and confirmed that this is a gift from GOD.
In 2003 and 2005, I was awarded the Editors Choice Award. This gave me the motivation I needed to pursue my dreams and form this manuscript. Knowing my collection of thoughts had been an inspiration, as well as a motivation to many, encouraged and gave me the desire to want to touch the lives of you, my readers.