• A Strong Woman

    A strong black woman
    who sacrifices so much
    puts everything on the line
    to fulfill all her childs needs... more »

  • Confused Lover

    O how i hated you
    your smart remarks
    and ugly facial expressions
    but your seductive eyes... more »

  • Feeling

    Do you feel for me, as i feel for you
    because day by day, we both become confused
    at first i thought i was the only one who was a fool
    but as the lack of socialization increased... more »

  • Getting Over

    Its crazy how things change so quick
    one day you're all for me and the next
    your with your clique
    im so sick of being sad and lonely... more »

  • Kamikaze

    So many thoughts flowing through my head
    about all the shit you have said
    you love this, want to do that
    care about this, but then get mad at that... more »

  • Love

    What is the definition of love?
    not many can define
    but soo many men say it with out a
    thought crossing their mind... more »

  • Whats Happening

    I cant believe you
    how you can just lie with so much ease
    as if your really fooling me
    but what kills me is that you dont care... more »

  • Young Man

    A young man
    trying to grow up so fast
    hanging in the streets
    not ever missing a beat... more »