• At Thy Feet

    Prostrations and salutations at thy feet,
    My Lord, my Master, my everything,
    Let thy blessings be showered on me,
    And on all the fellowmen around the world.... more »

  • Convergence

    'I wished to be that garland for you,
    Or even the flower of that group,
    Or even the petal of that flower,
    Or even the fragrance of that petal,... more »

  • Desert Flower

    The sun is high and hot in sky,
    With his reckless rays on earth,
    The ravishing storm huddles around,
    But you are always soft and sound.... more »

  • In The Womb

    I am safe and secure here,
    In my mother's loving womb,
    I know she loves me so much,
    But still I hurt her sometimes.... more »

  • Minus

    Oh! my dear little rose, let me ask you,
    Why you are born in the middle of thorns?
    It is just to remind you that,
    There is no joy without sorrows!... more »

  • The Death...And After

    The time has come to say good bye,
    To this beautiful world for a time,
    I was afraid all these times,
    But my soul whispered in my ears,... more »

  • The Shadow

    Why you follow me always,
    And everywhere I go?
    You don't make any sense,
    Nor do you think!... more »