• A Future If We Dare

    'All that we are not stares back at what we are.' - W. H. Auden... more »

  • A Vase In The Corner

    Lilies opened into the outer room.
    They almost overshadowed the entire place.
    It was there in bright recesses the talk
    Began, the colors, the aromas filling what... more »

  • Amish Girls

    Where is the religious eye? Morning is dark.
    In Pennsylvania, a tear has left
    youngish ducts, and blood has replaced it.... more »

  • An Artist Paints A Bowl Of Fruit

    Muted color translates into quiet sound,
    or the roundness of planets and moons
    that dwell here, around us, in obvious places.... more »

  • April Of 68: Martin Luther King Is Dead

    News preempted news, upstaging clean air,
    forced and stained against each open doorway,
    while our faces were awash in speeches that cured.... more »

  • City Of Coldness

    Snow claims walkways: restless crystals,
    like they are at its mercy, but who really is,
    which is the test of wind, or the speed of air.
    Intimately involved, shovel and man? Most... more »

  • Cutting The Losses

    All lengthening dies; so goes hair and hipster styles,
    In what may be the last gray strand touched
    On sideburns edged toward thoughts of perfection.
    As he sat, motion displaced in the muscles,... more »

  • Departures

    For Lori Wagner and Ian Wagner... more »

  • Florida Colors

    You have no right to be here,
    You loud enemies borne of all
    That we fear, strident offsprings
    Of Emmett Till,... more »

  • For B.B.

    There were guitar licks in the whitest cotton.
    That's where the Delta became a womb, a fertile mud,
    Holding onto hot nightclubs, and charred impulses.... more »

  • For George Michael

    Blonde and
    high alto
    it was a throat... more »

  • Garden Variety

    At the florist, a lady
    smelled heavenly;
    I grew nearly
    intoxicated; swooning... more »

  • Gazing At You, Winona Palmer, My Mother

    Shrunken face: brown, refined and small.
    Who reduced you to this diminutive size?
    When did you become fragility's core?
    You scare me. My days tremble like a cold leaf.... more »

  • Glacier Bay In Pure Light

    Sky makes the scene believable.
    Twice the proportions, twice the ice,
    At 500 ft, the symmetry... more »

  • Intangible Meetings.

    ... more »

  • Knoll

    I was a year and a half old when
    Two, loud cracks punctured western confidence
    Through air; my future head snapped back in grief.... more »

  • Little Black Dress

    Before it is donned it dons the ego,
    tempting colors from the emotions. The silk
    slips like hidden thoughts from the body,
    even as it retains the fragrance of the skin,... more »

  • Little Black Dress Worn And Unworn

    Before it is donned it dons the ego,
    tempting colors from the emotions. The silk
    slips like hidden thoughts from the body,
    even as it retains the fragrance of the skin,... more »

  • Maya

    Where did the light in Arkansas begin?
    Where it could burn: spirit-flame, or be
    Snuffed out in an exclusive smothering.
    If her strength lies in the dirt of Stamps, it lies... more »

  • Message Not In A Bottle

    Just when I put my mortality behind me
    Somebody I know dies; the scourge of daylight
    Drops its existential contents and mental bricks
    Onto your lap, the comfort zone of life.... more »

  • Mid Spring

    In your lap I find a heaven. Treeless
    Yet breezy, in stages I am moved further
    Upwards, toward that place we once knew well,
    And now revisit, sometimes, with a fervor.... more »

  • Motel Clerk: Dusk

    So much, so little under
    the barometer of lonely light;
    waves have hit a silence,... more »

  • Of Birds And Men In Appalachia

    Flying in on the envy of watchers comes the dive,
    as much drawn by wind as by helpless air,

    as by the tiny plume, so truthful in motion,... more »

  • Older Dolls

    She still
    puts earrings
    in her
    delicate ears.... more »

  • Pictures Of Two Brothers

    Photos on a table: nearly shiny gods of reflection,
    made us bow down before the small, instant altars
    spread out like a sea of happy snapshots.... more »