• ~stal3 & L{iss~

    Like a river
    Like a fog
    I’m enveloped in what you say
    Questioning your every word... more »

  • A Beautiful Stranger

    Walking on the crowded street
    I see people I will never meet
    Smiling as they pass me by
    I smile back at a confident-looking guy... more »

  • Alive Again

    What’s this new feeling I’ve found?
    Like my heart has been on hold and I’ve hit rewound
    To a time where I can see, feel, and love
    Where I can smile knowing there’s something greater above... more »

  • Destiny

    It has nothing to do with the love of a family
    But the betrayal of destiny
    A destiny set before she was born
    A life of sadness and of being alone... more »

  • Heavenly Night

    Heaven is on our side tonight
    We get ready for a desirable ride
    My body craving for his delicious touch
    As I slip into the arms that I love so much... more »

  • Her Worries

    She sits alone on the stormy night
    Trying so had not to think of her fright
    He was with her for so long
    Their passion for each other grew so strong... more »

  • His Decision

    He sits alone, hiding his face
    He thinks about her and his heart begins to race
    Only now can he finally see
    That life without her is something he could never be... more »

  • His Heartbreaking Charade

    Thinking back she wants to relive the memory
    But instantly realizing it would be the end of her sanity
    It was nothing but a slow song
    It felt so perfect, but they both knew it was so wrong... more »

  • I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye

    I close my eyes and I see your face
    Our perfect memories replay in my mind
    I miss the feeling of your strong embrace
    Your deep kisses I can no longer find... more »

  • Just Hold On

    I see you, you’re dead inside
    Your depression and heartache you can no longer hide
    The world you have knows has been turned upside-down
    You walk around with a tear in your eye, and a frown... more »

  • Lies From Sensual Lips

    Why do people lie?
    Don’t they know that it hurts and it makes us cry?
    I don’t really know what to believe anymore
    He’s been an amazing friend but the lie goes to my core... more »

  • Lost

    He loved her ~ She loves him
    He lost her ~ She let him go
    He’s dead inside ~ It’s killing her
    He doesn’t know what to do ~ She’s searching for her meaning... more »

  • Never Stop The Search

    I close my eyes and fight back the tears
    That well up in my eyes.
    Everyday I face my fears
    Because I don’t have you by my side.... more »

  • Never-Ending Battle

    My hands start shaking,
    My heart speeds up it's beating,
    My knees go weak,
    This is what the thought of you does.... more »

  • Only Seven

    She was only seven when her life was turned upside-down
    She was only seven when she learned to constantly hide her frown
    She was only seven when her mother was killed
    And her life became unfulfilled... more »

  • Our Dance

    He was my close friend,
    But all good things come to an end.
    I miss him so much,
    My body craving his safe touch.... more »

  • Our Heaven

    Sitting in the spot we loved so much
    My body craving for your sweet touch
    My heart swelling with the thought of you
    Memories linger from the dreams we made true... more »

  • Please

    Whisper in my longing ear
    I need to hear your soothing voice
    Your words cast away my every fear... more »

  • Sensual

    Smile at me baby, just one more time
    Hold me close and remind me your mine
    Look into my eyes and please see
    All you need in your life is me... more »

  • Shadows Of Forgotten Dreams

    Once we had a love so strong,
    Nothing we could ever do was considered wrong.
    We were everything we dreamed love would be,
    Now I lie in these tears, in this sea.... more »

  • Someday

    I wonder if I have the strength to do
    What everyone else is telling me not to
    To put my heart out there one more time
    To dance one last dance in our bedtime rhyme... more »

  • The Delay

    There's a thousand things that I can say to you right now
    But everything gets lost in my mind somehow
    I want to tell you the way I feel
    I want to tell you what we have is real... more »

  • The In Betweens

    I dance when no ones watching
    I sing so you can’t hear
    I cry alone in the darkness
    Longing to have you here... more »

  • The Last Good-Bye

    Sick of swimming,
    On the brink of letting go.
    Smiling,... more »

  • Too Much To Ask For

    I don’t think I can hold on any longer
    The memories making me anything but stronger
    They leave a physical strain
    Their scars will forever remain... more »