• Epitaph

    I don't recognize where I am as I wake up and look around
    What is this awful smell? The stench of death I smell?
    Where is this awful place? So silent, I don't hear one sound
    Is this reality or do within a nightmare I dwell?... more »

  • Liberty At Hand

    I hear the cries of the people, I feel Lady Liberty as she extends her hand to me
    The Lady she needs help as she is all amuck and stuck in a very bad situation
    She is in pain, she really needs help in standing strong, the way she used to be
    I captured the highest office in the land, her healing has already begun.... more »

  • Reaching Out From Beyond

    Searching from the realm of the land of the dead
    Reaching out to you from beyond the grave
    Trying to recapture the feelings and everything said
    The taste of your lips, your warm embrace these things I will always... more »

  • Spirits Of The Innocent

    Oh no! Here in the night beside a grave yard, a flat tire
    Getting out of my car, I notice the chill and the strange fog within the night
    It is so dark I think to myself, I would love to build for light a huge fire
    I look around there is nothing but an old grave yard within sight... more »