• Halcyon

    i smoothly waltz up
    and suavely sit down
    i open my mouth... more »

  • Hands Down

    paper airplane, I am.
    I am folded and creased,
    the world to see, I can.
    I can fly but not far,... more »

  • I Didn'T Spring From My Fall Pt.2

    Now I see the truth of you and me.
    All along you played along for fun.
    ->but this I cannot handle
    ->and this I cannot learn from... more »

  • Impact Peoples Heart-Not Numbers On A Chart

    He's outta control, it's taking it's toll
    Had I had the chance, to change those events? ?
    Should have talked some sense, 'fore he jumped the fence
    now he's out of reach; don't be scared to preach.... more »

  • In Love Flurries Notwithstanding

    it’s snowing outside - a blizzard
    not knowing inside - it’s miserable
    flakes coming down - “a million parachutes”
    aching deep down - too many paramedics... more »

  • Jayue-Esty

    Don't Give Me Hope
    Kick if you must
    Can't help myself
    Seeing us tight... more »

  • Kid

    He looks with longing at the one,
    who is and does what he wishes he'd done.
    who is the kid he'd once wished to be.
    who now is the boy he'd still like to copy.... more »

  • Left Hangin'

    It's like I got fired, my time card expired.
    It's like we were talking but got disconnected.
    It's like I was swimming then someone pulled the plug.
    It's like we were talking but got interrupted.... more »

  • Lost

    ... more »

  • Love Is Like Binoculars

    Love is like binoculars
    Love brings 'far away' to us
    helps us see her really close
    helps to pinpoint who she is... more »

  • M. I.

    What? ? You say you love me? ?
    You're too far above me.
    What? ? You say you don't care? ?
    You're too pretty and fair.... more »

  • My Car Just Broke Painfully; I'M Wandering Aimlessly

    The Mistake? ?
    Took wrong turn.
    Check it out.... more »

  • My Pov

    You move in Slow Motion
    You scan the crowd quickly
    Your eyes pass right by me
    but Your voice is my potion.... more »

  • No Rationale

    First we say we need You,
    then we go without You.
    Let's do what we agreed to,
    not pretend that we're about to.... more »

  • Nonsensical

    I do suppose you can compose
    that silly smile every once in a while.
    Whether independently or simultaneously
    that 'goodness gracious' is contagious.... more »

  • On My Shoulder

    my mind is churning
    resisting the urge
    to reach out to you
    so won't you instead... more »

  • One Blooms To The Many

    1. It started first with only one wrong choice.
    The world was perfect yet they chose the snake.
    But notice,20-20 is hindsight.... more »

  • Our Picnic

    the forrest thick
    the lanterns bright
    our glowing eyes
    and hands clasped tight.... more »

  • Please

    'get together! ! '
    we're just friends and
    satisfied here.
    Let It Rest Please... more »

  • Regaina

    what caught my eye?
    was it your hair
    was it your smile
    what makes me pause?... more »

  • Reminding Myself That The Waste Treatment Pond Is No Place For A Swan

    connect the two worlds
    combine with a slam
    one was my dreaming
    the girl of my heart... more »

  • Seek And Ye Shall Not Find

    That wordless feeling that I get
    The moment prior to sweet sleep
    The realization comes and fades
    And somehow logs itself away... more »

  • Seeupsidedown

    <p style='filter: flipv; height: 10px; '>Look into my eyes, I'm looking into yours.
    Look into my eyes, walk through the open doors.
    Search my thirsty heart, your love would quench it all.
    Search my thirsty heart, don't wait or stop or stall.... more »

  • She Walks In Silence

    1. She walks in silence, like the pond
    of glass-like top and hidden angst;
    And all that's true and false will bond-
    will join with joy and pain and thanks:... more »

  • Smile

    i'm scared and trapped.
    seemingly forever, but
    Your Smile frees me.... more »