• Stuffed

    across, and stretched tight, the way is spanned,
    the rope has become the one escape.
    the suit with no man tip-cuffs along,
    with balance so sharp, it looks so calm.... more »

  • Take It O' Leave It

    my hand is still wet.
    our mixture of sweat.
    been holding so long.
    lost humming our song.... more »

  • That Old Book

    the chains are loosed
    i finally see blue sky
    can't reel me back in... more »

  • The Bark Of The Byte

    I’m joyful and glad, not angry or sad.
    Then all of a sudden, I have let the crud in.
    While cutting the tree, a knot has stopped me.
    In this world of dough, where lumps are no foe,... more »

  • The Thought Of You Is My Shadow

    as morning progresses it stays behind me
    the deep and dark outline is full at high noon
    even inside a building the pale white fluorescents
    cast four sick-looking shapes and I’m thinking of you... more »

  • The Tripu

    flaming landscapes
    bursting skyscapes
    swirling airscapes
    but none like you... more »

  • This

    Words flow, thoughts fit,
    Pen slows, lips bit.... more »

  • This Too Shall Pass

    +this too shall pass+
    the happiest of life's moments.
    yet too the saddest life offers.
    the rush you get when, 'she's the one! ! '... more »

  • Untitled1

    In she come to me,... more »

  • Untitled2

    Hair like the gold grain.... more »

  • Untitled3

    Like the coward I am,
    She smiles to encourage,... more »

  • Untitled4

    Though set like the sun,... more »

  • Use The Exits

    the building is burning,
    threatening collapse.
    yet I stand,
    as dumbfounded.... more »

  • Visual

    She whaunts me.
    I don't nheed her.
    She's out to kilsls.
    I want to leavil.... more »

  • We Are Even Stainless Steel

    To me, brain says, pursue
    To me, you equal free
    To some a week is short
    To us it was love's port... more »

  • Whose Is The Future? ?

    -take I-

    how can I pursue you
    when I am so unsure... more »

  • Wishope

    on the sofa
    in the lamplight
    Deep Her Eyes Look
    in the distance... more »

  • Worldview1

    reflective ringlets
    descend from the pool, don't look... more »

  • Worldview2

    ... more »

  • Written Reason

    get it out. get it over with.
    let them know. let them look amiff.
    what I wrote-it is what I feel.
    understand: you're not past the peal.... more »

  • You Just Guess

    you came back.
    with your goofy grin,
    and your soft spirit-
    you came back.... more »

  • Zilch

    those braids of yours
    those braids of love
    which one is me... more »