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Very nice
Lakhanpur bharatpur.raj
I love it so much
HI whhat you are in the world
this is a good website to see very good poems from from very good poets
Theese are really deep poems and i love this guys poems
Zach Swistak - If you're a better writer than Langston Hughes, why did you write then instead of than?
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you have the best poems in the world
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I hate poems very much, i'm a better writer then all these guys
wow such a rap! ! ! ! ! ! ! just like Langston hughes poetry
what a poet that I tell my self to be quite I know he is the best just like im on a quest
hi how are you I saw all your poems they are betiful
His poems are very Unique
i like your poem Mother to Son
“the Past has been a Mint of Blood Sorrow that must not be True of Tomorrow“ Let us as Salute✌
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