• Afraid

    sitting, afraid to move.
    afraid to call.
    this fear to move to call, born from the pain of a past.
    afraid to feel,... more »

  • All 4 You

    burning, screaming all for you.
    trapt myself in this silent hell.
    twisting, tearing all for you.
    thrust the blade into my soul again.... more »

  • Beautiful

    my friend in my hand, so full of comfort is he.
    with each slice he makes me feel so pretty.
    never says any words, but he understands.
    arms run with blood to help me feel warm.... more »

  • Better Times

    theres a longing tender touch
    i miss so much.
    we hed in the darkness just to be together
    walking alone in the light... more »

  • Closeing My Eyes

    lowering my head,
    slowly closeing my eyes.
    the walss closing in.
    the colorss fade to black in my lost eyes.... more »

  • Echo

    the words that sould have been spoken,
    echo in my mind.
    a vision of your face plays before my longing eyes.
    r tear of crystal light escapes the corner of your eye.... more »

  • Held

    your arms held me so tight,
    but were empty in side.
    i feel into the darkness you hide.
    now the darkness spreads through my soul,... more »

  • Insane?

    waiting for that stolen kiss that may come to late.
    to save me.
    listen to your heart they say.
    listen to your heart? ! ?... more »

  • Just A Dream

    i am lost, and my feelings are numb.
    from that day i woke with darkness embraced in my arms.
    hot flesh against cold sheets,
    hollow breaths of deperation.... more »

  • Lonely Grave

    lonely grave by the river.
    the place you go when somthing inside you dies.
    a pain, a grief only you can know.
    this is where you stand when the foundations you once stood upon... more »

  • Shatterd Soul

    sparklets of light rain down
    blinding truths that once were mine
    now shattered glass on the ground of a reality i never belonged to
    another piece falls... more »

  • Words

    words so fletting,
    seem to be whispering chatter of onther's soul.
    try to listen,
    but your words never reach my heart.... more »

  • You/ It?

    i want out,
    can't take this any more.
    i thought i could hide from 'IT.'
    but found that 'YOU' were always there.... more »