Lany Donovan Lessard Poems

Riding This Lonely Train

I'm riding this lonely train tonight
It's like I'm having a dream
Where did it go wrong
There I go again... more »

You Left Yourself There...

You’re living on empty promises
There’s just these empty shadows
Disappearing Behind you
And all the dreams that you had... more »

Unfortunate Soul

Broken and unforgetting
Wish it all had been a Dream
The tortures of my miserable past
And the unveiling of my hazy future... more »

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Wise One 03 Oct 2007 12:34
Hahahahaha Maybe you should go finnish your highschool first and then check your spelling! What a joke.... poet.... too funny! On second thought.... everyone who knows the name will have a good laugh too.... so maybe you should leave it. Can always use a good laugh. hahahahahaha