• I Need

    This is a mystery fight
    And I don’t know where it’s going
    I wish you would help me out in my head
    Cause it just seems right... more »

  • My Sancuary

    I am in the ocean
    I am surrounded by mountains
    I can hear everyone’s voices
    I can see the wildlife around me... more »

  • Riding This Lonely Train

    I'm riding this lonely train tonight
    It's like I'm having a dream
    Where did it go wrong
    There I go again... more »

  • Unfortunate Soul

    Broken and unforgetting
    Wish it all had been a Dream
    The tortures of my miserable past
    And the unveiling of my hazy future... more »

  • What You Have To

    I’m so dizzy now
    You’ve got me spinnin’
    In full circles now
    What you have to... more »

  • You Left Yourself There...

    You’re living on empty promises
    There’s just these empty shadows
    Disappearing Behind you
    And all the dreams that you had... more »