i am constentally inconstant, perfectly imperfect, im talented at breathing, decent at drawing, i often wrong but surprisingly i can write very well. im confedentally insecure, i smile no matter how much it hurts i cry no matter how good life is. i have given up describing myself in a paragraph i know it would take a book with many sections. sometimes im really selfish but most of the time i live my life for others. you can call me indecesive but my opinions are subject to change if new facts prove me wrong. im really open minded but im racist toward racist people. i can be cruel but when i am, i apologize. im numb yet when a feeling arises in me it consumes me. i live by my rules that are baised on revlant truth. i always do what i believe to be the right thing regardless if its popular or not. id say i dont care what you think but really deep down all human beings feed off acknowledgement and acceptance and i am no acception. i like to hear what people think of me, i find it a really great opertuninty to learn, though i often learn much more about the person's than myself.my best friend in the whole world is Claire i would go sane without her lol im often depressed because people always fall short of my expectations and my expectations are very low. i expect from people is to care for one another yet constently they take time out of their days to step on those in need but still expect to be cared for when they are in need. i find the world pretty sad these days. sadder still is knowing that few people have the ambition to change it. i love getting to know new people and im always there when someone needs help or advice.


Lara wolf Poems

Beauty Is The Beast

beauty is the beast
upon our souls and hearts it feasts
it makes us blind to itself
behind innocent smiles it hides in stealth... more »

Can'T Breathe Anymore (Scream)

i want to scream untill no sound comes out
untill my lungs emplode on themselves
untill the very air im breathing
becomes... more »

Three Words To Break A Heart

the boy asked the girl what she had learned from the darkness
she replied i have learned love is quite heartless
and that it is right not trust..
any word spoken and hushed... more »

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