• About The Jersey Devil

    The 13th child of Mrs. Leed
    Was the jersey devil’s seed
    Fearsome teeth and monster clawed
    The creature stood at 6ft broad... more »

  • Beautiful Love..Beautiful Denial

    you've got those beautiful eyes
    those beautiful eyes that tell all of your beatuiful lies
    oh those beautiful eyes
    all i've got is this crooked smile... more »

  • Beauty Is The Beast

    beauty is the beast
    upon our souls and hearts it feasts
    it makes us blind to itself
    behind innocent smiles it hides in stealth... more »

  • Can'T Breathe Anymore (Scream)

    i want to scream untill no sound comes out
    untill my lungs emplode on themselves
    untill the very air im breathing
    becomes... more »

  • Chemistry

    I can't say much for chemistry
    though i'll confess it tourtures me
    1 and 1 is no longer 2
    but it's the one of me and you... more »

  • Choosing The Right Word

    choosing the right word...
    this is the predicment of life
    choosing the right word
    to capture a moment... more »

  • Dear Moon Why Are We So Gray?

    the skys are black tonight and theres a blue moon above my head
    the sky seems sad tonight and now the moon is bleeding red
    i look up to the sky
    i feel so small... more »

  • Fire (Im Sorry)

    I wish I could tell you I’m sorry

    but if I did I wouldn’t mean it... more »

  • For Denise, I Miss You

    summer's smell floats in on the air
    frozen ground begins to thaw
    i think of you in your garden
    you smile amoungst the moist cool dirt... more »

  • Fragile

    i have to be cautious with you
    though you may think my pale complection means: i'm strong built of solid marble
    or that i'm strong: made of liquid water frozen into the thickest most durable ice
    you do not realize, my love, that u are my chisel, my fire... more »

  • Fragments

    Clean cut grass
    Makes for clean cut kids
    But if you look closely you’ll see
    Every once in awhile... more »

  • 'From A Fallen Tree All Make Kindling' (Dutch Proverb)

    Whenever I sit under a tree I’m in my grandpas arms

    My grandpa was like a tree with his strong and silent charm... more »

  • Heartsong

    a wolf crys out to the moon
    singing to his friends both lost and dear
    he crys out. long s-t-r-e-c-h-i-n-g notes.
    is he belting out his love? or his deepest sarrow?... more »

  • Hourglass

    trapped in this hourglass u drown me
    dropp by drop. grain by grain.
    u fill me yet leave me empty.
    i whimper helplessly. i cant escape... more »

  • How To Smile

    If you want a smile here’s what you do
    You grab a razor and snort a line or two
    But if you are more well behaved
    And doing illegal drugs just seems too depraved... more »

  • I Can Not Write Today

    i can not write today coz nothing seems quite right today no sir i can not write today.
    no sir i can not write tomorrow they'll be far too much sorrow no sir i can not write tomorrow.
    no sir i did not write yesterday everything seemed to say ur such a pest today thats y i did not write yesterday.
    and then u say confess to me why you seem so stressed today surly u have something to confess to me... more »

  • I Dont Exsit

    blank... more »

  • I Want You

    want you like a bird wants to fly
    i want you like the moon wants the sea
    i need you like a life needs happiness
    i need you like a person needs oxegen... more »

  • Immortality Means Never Dieing?

    the flames consume me as i think of you.
    not bursting dancing flames of passion between lovers and bed sheets,
    but smoldering climbing flames of betrayal.
    i thought that love could anchor a person to this world-... more »

  • In Line Or In Circle

    your eyes are not inline with mine
    your thoughts are not inline with mine
    your heart is not inline with mine
    so no sir i know u r not coming back.... more »

  • It

    i like to be alone when it creeps in
    sinks its dark venomous fangs into my neck
    drains out the happiness
    decends upon me... more »

  • Judge Me

    I see me writing on this paper
    praying for some savior
    writing out every fear and every doubt
    I wish you could hear me scream for help inside myself... more »

  • Little White Pills Take Little White Pills

    my medication
    saves me from mental desperstion
    but i wish i could take a vaction
    because it kills all my artistic creations... more »

  • Makes For An Interesting Cake

    Sugar, spice, and everything nice
    that's what little girls are made of
    Boys are: frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails
    Basically everything that girls are afraid of... more »

  • My Cancer Of The Mind

    They say let me see that smile
    big and wide
    happy and honest
    let me see that smile.... more »