• My Grandma

    my grandma had a heart that never stopped beating
    a heart that loved and took many beatings
    my grandma had a heart that the doctors said wasnt strong
    but soon those doctors were all proven wrong.... more »

  • My World (The Music)

    close your eyes
    open your heart
    cant you hear the music START... more »

  • Oh Depression How I Love Thee

    oh depression how i love thee,
    how i feed u all my sarrows,
    oh depression ur just so inviting with ur call for no tomarrows.
    oh depression ur black vail of thorns are my favorite clothes... more »

  • Omega's Plea (Paper Heart)

    cower, hide, and disappear
    my life is one of constant fear

    a paper heart is all that remains... more »

  • Perception

    in art we learn black is not black
    that it is in fact,
    a mixture of blue
    that just takes on the hue... more »

  • Poem Written In 6th Grade (This World)

    Why must it be this way? ..

    Pain and fear conquering each day... more »

  • River Turned Puddle

    river running wild; river running free.
    salty. blue. clear. river.
    surging over the hills and valleys of a face
    untill SPLASH-like a waterfall... more »

  • Sea

    just when i get my head above water i start to drown again.
    the waves crash down upon me
    salt seeps into my lungs and drys up my heart
    tears cant be counted in a sea,... more »

  • Selective Sight (A Plight To America)

    they say don't look into the light
    it's what makes you blind
    for you can only see in the dark
    you can only be happy... more »

  • She Who Paints Rocks

    swirl and swirl the paint goes down
    a golden spiral all around
    speckled dots of black and red
    fill with life what once was dead... more »

  • Take It With A Smile

    its a curse... to be neither dead nor dieing
    happy nor sad
    ruthless nor mad
    to have a pulse but no heart-beat... more »

  • The Pencil

    In between young fingers pale as the blank page
    lays the writer’s wand
    incantations completely foreign to the prophet, to whom this transformed timber employs... more »

  • The World Is Full Of Idiots

    the world is full of idiots: the dumbest you can find
    the world is full of idiots: who never use their minds
    the world is full of idiots: they drool upon themselves
    the world is full of idiots: bodies gathering dust like unread books upon the shelves... more »

  • They Say They'Re Hear To Listen

    i have a friend who tells me things
    and writes them on my door
    i have a friend who tells me things
    somtimes i wish she'd speak no more... more »

  • Three Words To Break A Heart

    the boy asked the girl what she had learned from the darkness
    she replied i have learned love is quite heartless
    and that it is right not trust..
    any word spoken and hushed... more »

  • To My Dearest Mother

    I pick for you a purple flower growing from the ground
    I say to you dear mother-look at the beauty all around
    It’s as if the world has been painted in love(bearing its beauty for all to see)
    But then dearest mother you Did bend down and say to me... more »

  • What Happened To Innocence

    what happened to that life filled smile?
    those sparkling eyes
    innocence; it fades so fast
    and you begin to wounder if it was every really there in the first place.... more »

  • What Is It About Love?

    what is it about love...
    that we adore
    what is it about love...
    that we crave for... more »

  • Whispered Words Are Deafening

    can words that are never spoken
    leave a heart crushed and broken?
    the answer i know for a fact
    learned by the words you haved lacked... more »

  • You Can'T Be Lonely If You Like Who You Are Alone With

    if i was who i used to be
    youd probly find me hanging in a tree
    but im not that person anymore
    so dont expect to find unconcious on the bathroom floor... more »

  • You Have Stolen My Words. Stolen My Heart. And Destroyed Them Both

    i'd write you a poem
    but the words would just come out wrong
    i'd love to write you a poem or maybe a song
    but how could i?... more »