• Chopped Up Tree

    I remember it only
    when i was young.
    Trying to reach it, i tried
    I jump, I climb, I push... more »

  • Colour Kills

    From brighty yellow,
    To soury green.
    In white they garb,
    Yet black they came.... more »

  • Dark Soul

    Shadows hover in every soul,
    In the deepest depth comes their greatest goal.
    Only to destroy every men's whole,
    Leaving behind a larger hole.... more »

  • Heartfelt Concoction

    A dope of concoction,
    Neither wine nor poison.
    In mids of heartfelt motion,
    Stands an unfold notion.... more »

  • Little Golden Sparrow

    The stars below me sparks like a golden dime
    Though they envy of the stars above me
    Yet they do not have the time... more »

  • Meeting Not Met

    He brings a book,
    But sits like a tulk.... more »

  • Overpowered Fear

    Tic toc,
    Its the clock.
    The door is lock,
    The monkey has dock.... more »

  • The Innocent

    The sound of the unwanted rang through the streets
    The wind spikes its thin yellowish skin
    The hardness of the new world
    graps it's fragility bits by bits... more »

  • The Innocent Lay

    Strong Lavender filled her body and soul
    The moonlight sparkling on her bare skin
    As her Ornaments ravaged, violated
    A Pair of brown spot stood on mountain top... more »

  • The Unsound Chamber

    Eleanor oh my Eleanor,
    What brings you to my bed room door?
    Did you miss me?
    Do you need me?... more »

  • This Is Me

    I may not be good enough
    Just another girl in the rough
    Trying to be tough
    With a tear in my laugh... more »

  • Travel Barrel

    Love, oh love.
    How it baffle me,
    Barren me on and on.
    Like a barrel,... more »

  • World's End

    It wasn't till the time we became runners,
    That they laugh at us,
    For our greed.
    For our knowledge.... more »