• A Genuine Soul

    To standalone,
    I started to improve myself
    After I realised... more »

  • A Zealous Soul

    Hey life,
    Lift me up,
    Take me there,
    Wherever you want,... more »

  • Art Of Writing

    Words walk random,
    Mind fuddles to choose,
    It gets tough to pen down,
    Why is paper always so cool,... more »

  • Best Work

    If clay is your words
    If you pour your emotions in it
    Then be diligent enough
    And shape your work... more »

  • Challenge Of Life

    Wherever one get stuck
    Peace of mind
    Peace of soul
    The essentials of beatification... more »

  • Dreams Are Creation Of Mind

    The blonde eyes, when sleep in night
    Their connection with mind nifty, quiet
    Complex intellection running whole day
    Show up somewhat entirely exact... more »

  • Fly Sky High

    Be the master of your field
    As Ekalavya was in Bow Lore
    A tribal boy removed all the barriers
    And zeroed in on his goal... more »

  • It's Our Life

    It's our life,
    It's all up to us,
    What do we want from it,
    How do we want to see it in future,... more »

  • Let Your Words To Echo

    Let your words to echo
    Let the birds of your dreams fly
    Let the tiger inside you roar
    Let you make yourself delight... more »

  • Life Is Precious

    Life without Ambition
    Endeavour without Brio
    Success without Delightment
    Is like pitcher without Fluid.... more »

  • Life Lessons

    Show love
    Show care
    Show Respect
    But don't show... more »

  • Little Child

    Peeping out the window
    A very cute little child
    With innocence and clarity
    Both sincere eyes... more »

  • Mood

    Mood.... Yeah it's all about mood
    Enough to express one's state of feeling
    Whether furore or exuberant
    Hard to judge anyone at a instant... more »

  • My Ancestors

    Sparkling little stars
    Remember me my ancestors
    As the dark night come
    They appear and I get talk with them... more »

  • Mystery Of A Commoner

    Commoner is sitting in the corner
    Quiet and silent
    Girl who is mysterious
    Obsessed in her own world... more »

  • Nature

    To say the moon has scars
    Moonlight is still outstanding
    The clay say to dust flies
    Aromatic scent in the rain of it... more »

  • Pond Of Water

    Deep pond of water
    A mile distance away from
    Where I stand near my cab
    I m fond of its charm... more »

  • The Land Of Rajas

    The wild, the bushes
    The Beauty all around
    Artistic and cultural tradition
    Adorable for fame... more »

  • The Month Of March

    After the winter
    Initiation of summer
    A slight chilly morning
    Cold at very night... more »

  • The Secret Of Happiness

    Something very special
    The secret of happiness
    A bag of happiness
    Resort to anyone living... more »

  • True Love

    True Love
    Beyond the pain,
    Beyond the pleasure.
    Never bound to only happiness... more »

  • Walk

    Start to walk alone on the road
    Make the pace uniform
    Set the brain crystal clear
    Avoid loudness... more »

  • Yoga

    Yoga is Proficient, Efficient
    And the part of one's lifestyle,
    Keeps you healthy
    Mentally as well as physically.... more »

  • अजन्मी बिटिया की जुबानी

    क्षण भर ना देख पाई मैं दुनिया
    पनप रही थी इस आस में,
    कब होगा महसूस स्पर्श पहला
    खेलूंगी माँ की गोद में,... more »

  • आत्मविश्वास

    स्पर्धा के इस सफर में
    खुद का हाथ खुद थाम चलो,
    खुद के सवालों के जवाब
    पहले खुद अपने आप से पूछो,... more »