• Crabber

    from The Lighthouse Keeper (Timberline Press, 2001)

    Ninety years of Galveston sun
    reign in her flesh like a bronze tattoo
    needled indelibly into her face,... more »

  • Driving Through West Texas

    from Stark Beauty (Timberline Press 2005)
    Locked for an hour on cruise control
    without meeting another vehicle,
    I'm hypnotized by yellow... more »

  • Fingers

    from Eros (Slow Trains)
    Clad in but your black,
    silk kimono, you sit
    on the sofa's edge as I... more »

  • In the Nacreous Hours

    ... more »

  • The Initiate

    from The Fraternity of Oblivion (Timberline Press 2008)
    Through mirrored,
    dark sunglasses
    he sees the stars... more »