• #292 ('IN THE AIR')

    in the air the slant snow
    the bird rising away
    from the wild and bare tree... more »

  • "From the Sustaining Air"

    from the sustaining air

    fresh air

    There is the clarity of a shore
    And shadow, mostly, brilliance

    the billows of August

    When, wandering, I look from my page

    I say nothing

    when asked

    I am, finally, an incompetent, after all... more »

  • among various hills

    among various hills



    wires straight light
    the church, building
    the words, gathering traffic through

    goods windows

    store banks massing
    to the side, large

    back of you
    green grown up the air
    crooked the
    end of the street... more »

  • dangerous

    diving from the observatory

    the mirror of the sea

    between the rocks


    churns white


    what kinds of fish

    glide... more »

  • down there in the street

    down there in the street
    it's a nice day
    I can see the sky

    the fire brings headlong
    the red truck
    hidden somewhere in the sunlight
    till now

    pigeons on the
    curved roof... more »

  • how

    are things

    without leaves till
    wrapped cool

    a sparrow
    on the dwindling snowbank

    the interval
    of winter

    maybe another chirps... more »

  • s h a d o w s , b i r d s,

    wake up

    birch trees
    in the wind's web

    before what minutes, exposition
    of mankind

    stony light turned

    how much
    the number

    the vague soon again

    what change in the parts... more »

  • summer and winter

    summer and winter
    near each other

    lengths of time subside
    shadows change

    towards what sleep may be, dream
    the stars

    islands of the south

    going round
    and the sun returns always

    the thought of motion, the stir

    clearing the horizon

    to lie down on the earth

    red leaves scattered
    as the green comes to light... more »

  • the air

    the air
    in various

    going on beyond
    December trees

    a warm spell

    the local
    the subtle bird

    from branch
    to road


    big limbs

    the other side of the globe

    among stars

    people grow

    or cloud

    a mile away

    the different hungers... more »

  • the strength of a wing

    the strength of a wing

    a birds hits
    the front door

    ah glass

    and the wind flows

    stripped metal

    brightness of sun

    a change spreads in the air... more »

  • the tree

    the tree
    roots water
    the sun winder

    years back around

    up the


    far away is ideal

    a flat plain
    or walls the streets

    together and beyond

    the air takes
    all ways... more »

  • The wind-bell

    The wind-bell
    as song
    the wind buffets

    hammering nails
    in the party wall

    some birds absorbed in flight... more »

  • varieties of quiet

    varieties of quiet

    music gives
    the lay of a land

    such even as this with
    hills everywhere, defined it seems
    by the city

    other than flat clouds sunk
    to the distance

    while the sun leaves

    a fire run down in
    the streets below

    and the old mission burned
    the colors of the day it

    misted too this morning

    the cliff-like pediments

    some times you've had rain

    blank in fog... more »