LML Larry Michael Lounsbury 3/12/59

It seems that people often dislike the thought that in our own so-called civilization lurks a primal dark side. People and places can have dual personalities, personalities that encapsulate both a beautiful and dark side. A mask can appear at the right moment in places where a beautiful country road can change to a dark creepy forest, just by the setting of the sun. A kind young man can turn to a raging wolf, his desire to reach that pinnacle, overshadowing the former civilized 'Mores' instilled by his forebears. So turning a blind eye to the ravaging of beauty, untamed beauty, the writers cry for change goes ignored by the modern world.

Returning back to heartfelt love and family seems to be an endless journey. To find love through family, or just admiring the creation around you is what makes our endless journey through time unique. My duty as an author is to create enjoyment and a model that readers can hope to aspire to. My childhood life began in a small town in upstate New York called Jordan. I traveled to a beautiful green, heather laden land called Campbletown Scotland. There I met my beautiful wife Caroline, my motivation for writing. All five of my kids and four grandchildren are my foundation. The only riches that I ever need..


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