• A Story Of War

    A Story of War
    Larry Smith

    My grandson and I visit the history museum.... more »

  • Blossomings

    for Zoe Miranda and Alyssa Ann

    As I gaze into the faces
    of our new granddaughters... more »

  • Fishing The Lake

    What we came for, and what arrives.

    My grandson and I walk out the pier
    all the way to the lighthouse,... more »

  • Late Afternoon In The Nursingh Home


    We sit near the window whiling the hours
    out of the day, till she tells us, “I want to... more »

  • Milltown Resurection


    I park before the old hardware store
    stare into the darkness.... more »

  • New Breath

    My wife agrees to babysit overnight
    our new granddaughter—Zoe Miranda.
    “They need some time alone, ” she says,
    and I think aloud “And so do we.”... more »

  • Pulling Wild Thistle

    We work for hours
    at my son’s house
    trimming grass, pulling weeds.
    The thistle are taller... more »

  • Spreading The Word

    Driving to a poetry read at night
    through Ohio’s frosted fields
    we talk our way there
    past the dark prison in Mansfield... more »

  • Tu Fu Counts His Blessings

    Sparrows gather in the back yard
    and sit on the fence posts
    without any necks. Last summer
    we fed them sunflower seeds.... more »

  • Winter Morning

    Fresh snow on the ground
    beneath the bird feeders
    tilting in the wind
    soft light before dawn.... more »