• 90 Days Gone Feel Like Hell

    The soundof your voice keeps racin in my head
    everything around me seem so dead
    the empty spot in my heart with you not there
    these 90 days gone feel like HELL... more »

  • I Am Beautiful

    I made myself feel weak
    I made myself feel small
    I made myself think i wont meet no one at all
    I have no confidence... more »

  • I'M Phening

    IT'S his body that I want
    IT'S his body that I need
    IT'S something on his body that i want inside of me
    Yes, IT's what I am... more »

  • Sex

    Sex is passion
    Sex is desire
    Sex is hot
    Sex is fire... more »

  • When You Feeel Like Sumthings Not Right

    Have you ever felt like sumthing not right
    you're wondering and wondering day an night
    your body gets tight a blurry site
    you say to yourself this is not right... more »

  • You

    There are two
    me and you
    it's all about you
    and the things you do... more »