• Doubt

    Do I trust you?
    I wish I could
    If you can tell me why I should... more »

  • If Only You Had Kept Your Word

    If only you had kept your word
    My snappy voice would not be heard
    Instead you think it's nice to test
    my anger when it's at it's best... more »

  • If Only...(Shakespearean Sonnet)

    I smile to hide the pain deep within me
    I laugh to keep the tears from rushing out
    Inside I wish to let it all go free
    No one understands what this is about... more »

  • Leaving

    I see your footsteps by the door
    I start to cry and even more
    when your footsteps started leaving
    I was tricked into believing... more »

  • Loving You

    Loving you is like the deepest sin
    Our hearts and minds connect within
    The minute we touch is a temptation
    A feeling that gives me a rushing sensation... more »

  • No Way Out

    White pale walls staring at my face
    Laughing, mocking, what is this place?
    My heart begins to race
    and I can't get out... more »