laterressa fowler Biography

Hmm, what 2 say. Well,1st of all i moved around alot, so i had 2 find a way 2 get things 2 my liking. U get used 2 leaving things b-hind after awhile.
i'm a really shy type of person.2 those who aren't my family that is. theres alot 2 figure out but i will. i think, lol.
i love reading, listening 2 music and singing along, (bad habit, lol.) , playing n the rain with my sis, and, of course, writing poems. i actually read the dictionary for words unknown 2 me. told u i get bored fast. but i can't pronounce half of them, lol. or remember'em.
And im open 2 ne suggestions from ne 1 here, so dont b shy 2 tell me a few hints or so. oh, and please leave a comment on the poems u like.thankz!