• A Difference

    Woke up this morning,
    Doing my usual routine,
    But this time was different,
    I looked at my skin,... more »

  • Bad Habit

    Time and time again,
    I pray you change,
    I say myself,
    “This time he got it, ”... more »

  • C.A.L.I Love

    How could this angel break my heart,
    Lust is a powerful emotion,
    But when it turns into infatuation,
    You can’t control it,... more »

  • Damaged

    Time and time again,
    Its me the one who cries,
    Me who except those lies,... more »

  • Feelings

    What are feelings,
    Are they just emotions,
    That you can’t control,
    Are feelings just what you want to believe,... more »

  • Finally...Thank You

    I finally did it,
    I gained the courage,
    The courage to move on,
    Fear is no longer apart of me,... more »

  • Love

    It’s a power of emotions,
    Overflow of caring and unwilling….
    To let you go,... more »

  • Missing You

    Do you miss me?
    Even though you gave me pain,
    I still think of you,
    You were my Katrina,... more »

  • Only Time....

    One claims to love me,
    The other was,
    My love,
    The new one….... more »