• A Father

    There's so much to
    say about a father
    and how much
    he loves his daughter... more »

  • Fulfilled

    you've fulfilled me
    in every way thought possible
    you loved me like
    no one ever would... more »

  • Heart Doesn'T Forget

    It wasnt over for me
    but it was clearly
    over for you
    so i forced myself to... more »

  • How Do You?

    How do you tell someone
    you love them
    when they don't love you?
    How do you stop remembering... more »

  • I Can'T

    I can't make you love me
    as much as I love you
    I can't make you do
    anything you don't want to do... more »

  • I Don'T Want To Be

    I don't want to be
    the reason why
    we turned out
    like this... more »

  • I Offer You My Heart

    I offer you my soul
    because it will not break
    it lasts forever
    even through mistakes... more »

  • If Loving You

    If loving you is a sin
    well then I'm giving in
    If loving you is bad
    that makes me sad... more »

  • If Only You Knew

    If only you knew
    how much I like you
    If only you knew... more »

  • Im Not Going Away

    Loving you isn't easy
    I don't do it because
    I have to
    I just can't help it... more »

  • Love Or Lust

    I feel so alone sitting on my bed
    wondering why i can't make the
    tears stop falling from my eyes
    some days I think I'll be okay and... more »

  • The Love Of His Life

    She likes him
    there's no doubt
    about it
    but he's in love... more »

  • There's Times

    There's so much I want to tell you
    but it's hard to let it out
    there's so much I want to say
    I don't even know what its going to be about... more »

  • You Told Me I Would

    Being with you
    went by way to fast
    I took the chance
    of being with yours... more »

  • You'Re An Angel

    you're an angel from above
    why are you with me?
    you say that I will love
    but I think how can that be... more »

  • You'Re The Second Guy

    you're the second guy
    I have ever fallen
    in love with
    but you're the only... more »