• All That I Have To Give

    When I look back
    I see anger and broken hearts
    Then I fell in love
    And that's when my life starts... more »

  • Always Searching

    Feelings of a not so distant sadness
    shadowed by my current madness
    never quite grasping these feelings of blue
    all the while sitting back and thinking of you... more »

  • Another Fight

    You forever must be right; you perpetually have the last word
    Once more a fight, it’s like anything I’ve said you haven’t heard
    What must I do, there’s no getting through to you, everything’s a miscue
    Will things every be as they should be once more... more »

  • At Christmas

    At Christmas,
    I find myself thinking of the hundreds of small
    But timeless moments we've shared
    Moments frozen like snapshots... more »

  • Because Of You

    Because of you,
    I have become strong and independent
    But don't think, even for a moment that I don't need you.... more »

  • Birthday Blues

    Another birthday come and gone
    Another day you’re not around.

    So tired of feeling alone... more »

  • Calling

    Standing at the pier calling
    anxiously, fearfully
    calling into the thick fog for him
    waiting for an answer or a sign.... more »

  • Dad

    It makes me smile to think of the past.
    Growing up, we had a blast.
    Those spur of the moments trips
    And watching old football clips... more »

  • Distance

    I can't see you
    I can't smell you
    I can't touch you
    And I can't feel you... more »

  • Enough

    No more tears
    No more heartaches and pain

    All I want is happiness and joy... more »

  • Everytime You Miss Me...

    Read this poem every time you miss me

    And then you will see... more »

  • First Love

    I miss the days that past; I thought they’d always last
    We were to grow old together not far apart
    You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me want to run and hide
    I wanted to be that special one, the one you’d rush home to... more »

  • Forever My Son

    You are my son, a piece of me, and that will never alter,
    No matter what you do in life my love will never falter.
    As I held you my little one and I looked into your eyes,
    I knew, life from now on would be full of surprises.... more »

  • Forgive

    How can you say 'forgive and forget'?
    When all that happened will never pass away?
    How do I try to forgive without really knowing all that has happened?
    So many secrets, so many lies, so many, you can’t even remember them all... more »

  • Goalie

    So confident and strong
    You are in command, like it’s all your own
    You dissect the field, like a lion stalking its prey
    So confident and serene, poise is like no other... more »

  • Happy Thanksgiving My Friends

    We've been together for many smiles.
    And so many bumps over the miles.

    I want to thank you for being there,... more »

  • How Can I Forget?

    How can I forget my love?
    You have departed from me, wounded is my heart.
    How can I forget your passion,
    I hold it nearer to my heart.... more »

  • Hurt

    I ask, in the long shadows of a fall day,
    'Why did you hurt me?
    You took away your love and my trust,
    As suddenly, decisively, you made your love leave.... more »

  • I Am So Proud To Call You My Mom

    You were always there for me, even when you knew I was doing wrong
    I just want to say I’m sorry and thank you.

    I’m sorry for all those late nights when you stayed up late worrying about me.... more »

  • I Cry For You

    No one knows the emotions that fill my heart
    Nobody could possibly understand
    I wouldn’t know where to start
    Because when I’m all alone... more »

  • I Hate You...

    I hate you when you lie.
    I hate you because you make me cry
    I hate you even more because sometimes it seems like you don't even try... more »

  • I Love You Because

    You make me smile and You care for me
    You support me and You cheer me up
    You wipe away my tears and You wash away my fears
    You laugh with me and You like football... more »

  • I Miss You Daddy

    I thought of you with love today
    But that is nothing new
    I thought about you yesterday
    And days before that too... more »

  • I Miss You, I Love You

    I miss the way you look at me
    with love in your soft eyes.
    I love the way you touch me
    and hold me when I cry.... more »

  • If Someone Wants You

    If someone want you, nothing can keep them away.
    If they don't want you, nothing can make them stay.
    Stop making excuses for someone else and their behavior.
    Allow your intuition to save you from heartache.... more »