• Arachne's Defiance

    The stage burns brightly in the crimson blaze
    Of the shimmering spotlight’s iridescent gaze.
    They watch, like angels, from lofty heights
    The holy man conjured in the stage’s far right.... more »

  • Eclipse

    I for one think it quite queer
    That in the swift swish of a hummingbird's wings
    There is time a-plenty for the gargantuan events
    Which will transform the paths of the rivers of time... more »

  • Forsaken Screams

    Children roam the forsaken lands
    Round fire demon burning their blistered hands
    These children are the living dead
    Their fragile limbs as thin as thread... more »

  • Pygmalion's Ideal

    I like to adorn her in lovely dress;
    Stilettos, suspenders, stockings,
    Swim suits, sapphires and smother
    Sumptuous wrists and slender neck... more »

  • Shadow Tiger

    She remembered when once she kept this world alone
    A goddess gliding through eternal trees
    Beneath the silver queen on a heavenly throne
    Scent of jasmine whirled by an invisible breeze... more »

  • Stone Observer

    I sit above the entrance, weathered weary and worn
    I've been doomed to remain here forever since this church was born
    Stone observer, I watch as people come and go
    And I love these people so but they never seem to know... more »

  • The Caged Bird

    I once saw a bird who stole the light from the sun
    And wore it as a coat to make the world as bright
    I once saw a man who took blackness from the darkest night
    And forced it to take shape of an onyx prison... more »

  • The Last Unicorn

    In a silent wood covered in snow
    Where a harsh wind begins to blow
    Like an emerald treasure chest this wood does bear
    A beautiful unicorn with golden hair... more »

  • The Magic Of Snow

    Snowflakes dance like white fairies of old
    Each one a treasure to behold
    Far more precious than spectrums of stone
    For stones, anytime, the rich can easily own... more »

  • The Oak Tree

    Summer time Eden is a jade-green pleasure
    And for Eve each moment there is a golden treasure
    And all of nature strives to please her in this time of leisure... more »

  • The Story Of How The Macaw Became The Rainbow

    Once apon a forgotten time
    An impossible dream away from our world
    Was a land where the stars were crystals and the clouds were pearls
    Which when strung together held up the sky... more »

  • The Vampire's Embrace

    Here, on the ashes of Eden I stand
    Alone. The horizon changes from grey to black
    Tired eyes scour the clouds for silver
    And as always, find just dust and smoke... more »