Well i am real shy but a lot of people say i am a real sweetheart. I mostly just like to read and write. I hate breaking the rules so i always do what i am told. I like to listen to music and i guess i am weird but that is who i am and i can't change that. my email is cottoncandybeloved@yahoo.com if u all want to add me.


Laura Hollan Poems

I Am The Girl

I am the girl who is always in the way
Who no one wants to listen to what i have to say
The girl who sits alone
Without one friend to call my own... more »

Have You Ever?

Hve you ever felt left out
Like no one cared about you
You sit and cry your heart out
And someone will say are you through... more »

Please Help Me

The hits are coming down harder
My bruises become darker
And the screams which were once loud
Now becomes whimpers... more »

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