• (disappointments And Wishes)

    I waited at the elm tree, for a little kiss.
    I waited at the elm tree, but it was you I missed.
    You were there in the meadow,
    You were there with the sheep.... more »

  • A Walk In The Park

    A walk in the park to clear my brain.
    A walk in the park in the light rain.
    Hungry to touch the love of my soul.
    Wanting to know the One who can make me whole.... more »

  • Awake

    This evening many hearts sleep,
    But my own awakes
    At the sounds of rushing footsteps.
    Is that You my Beloved Lord coming to me?... more »

  • Awaken My Hunger

    Awaken my hunger
    Simply to be with You.
    I want to be at a more intimate level,
    My human pain and emotions have resounded... more »

  • Battle

    You might say I am in a battle.
    Yes, you might say that the sounds of explosions bring me oppression.

    The village stance spreads like a catching dance.... more »

  • Broken

    This song is where I am,
    I am not avoiding the truth.
    I am crawling out of bed,
    Uncovering my heart,... more »

  • Broken Before You

    Face on the ground,
    No tears in my eyes.
    I am broken,
    I am beaten,... more »

  • Call Of Love

    High above the clouds at night
    I hear your call of love to me.

    You lift me up on golden wings,... more »

  • Captivity In My Room

    Captivity in my room
    There is a sacredness alone
    I love to share
    only with You.... more »

  • Cast Away

    Cast away like a tattered shoe.
    My heart is broken
    Wanting love from you
    I cast my eyes to the hills... more »

  • Connected

    November 2002
    Lord, My heart cries to the wind
    The eyes of heaven see,
    But here on earth love yet awaits me.... more »

  • Crossing Over

    Time passes by as I cross the bridge..
    I am crossing over to the other side.
    I am finding out if I know my calling.
    The trials I face, make my heart race,... more »

  • Depart

    Everything is calling me to depart
    And within me,
    [I cry]
    For my heart burns... more »

  • Fire

    There is a fire
    Burning in my bones
    I sit still, but it eats up my soul.
    If only I could let go and fly... more »

  • Focused On You

    Focused on You
    Is how I will stay
    Within Your lover's lain.
    You guide my chariot up the highest mountains... more »

  • Give Me Wings

    Give me wings
    To fly in the dusty nights
    And stormy days.
    The Master calls me through the flames.... more »

  • Heart Of Heaven Beating Strong

    Heart of heaven, beating strong.
    My desire is to know you.
    Even in this hour of darkness.
    Come show me your love,... more »

  • Heaven Come To Earth

    Heaven come to earth.
    Revive us in this age.
    For the young fall to the dust
    And the old rust in their chambers.... more »

  • Holy Connection

    In the streets
    The wind is blowing
    I feel the cold in the darkness of night,
    But You send down Your heavenly light,... more »

  • I Don'T Want To Wait For My Life To Be Over

    I don't want to wait for my life to be over...
    To hear Your voice speaking to me.
    I don't want to wait for my life to be over...
    To feel You here, Your Spirit touching me.... more »

  • In War Times

    In war times
    You surround me
    When oppression covers me eyes
    You take me far away... more »

  • Just Trust Him

    Just trust Him when you can't see,
    Just trust Him and believe
    For He is with you through your shadows of doubt.
    He is with you and will bring you out.... more »

  • Lord, My Love Takes Me Here.

    Lord, my love takes me here.

    Fainting for you.... more »

  • Made It Through

    I can't believe how much I made it through.
    Miles away from where I started to believe the truth.
    Followed with faith small as a seed,
    Now it's rising like the sun... more »

  • On The Outside

    Through the maze I run,
    I have not yet seen the sun.
    The clowns surround me,
    The play is on,... more »