Hello. My name is Laura and I am fifteen years old. I love writing.. its one of my passions. I just want to say that I hope you enjoy reading them and please leave me some comments saying how you feel. Thanks.


Laura Kelly Poems

We Once Loved You

I cant stand to hear you talk like this
all i want is for you to listen
stop what you are doing
i hate you... more »

Your Night To Shine

Take a deep breathe
walk on to the stage
Dont let em see
the fear in your eyes... more »

A Face In The Crowd

This never ending tragedy
it always seems to get to me
this must be my only fate
i must have been to late... more »

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Brandon Gommer 22 Jul 2006 11:59
lol, laura, u reely have a heart when it comes to poems, but u have to use it in a better way, like some of ur poems are just depression. But other then that, u got props.