• A Face In The Crowd

    This never ending tragedy
    it always seems to get to me
    this must be my only fate
    i must have been to late... more »

  • Its Real

    I never thought it could be real
    This feeling i shall never conceal
    Now i know it really is true
    Me standing here beside you... more »

  • Just A Word

    Love is nothing but a word
    It has no meaning to it anymore
    Children say it knowing nothing of it
    it use to make lives, what it does now im not sure... more »

  • Me With You

    Paper with pens
    Green with blue
    Lovers with friends
    Me with you... more »

  • Never Have A Chance

    In this world I felt like nothing is right
    I swear I've never seen even the day of light
    untill i saw you... more »

  • Suicide Kid

    As she read the note aloud
    Her voice clear and loud
    'This is what she wrote
    Her suicide note'... more »

  • Take My Hand

    Look back at your past
    Your love really never did last
    Dont worry though
    I'll never let you go... more »

  • The Wanting Of Love

    Walk around with me
    We can swim in the sea
    Be who we want to be
    Be my one and only... more »

  • We Once Loved You

    I cant stand to hear you talk like this
    all i want is for you to listen
    stop what you are doing
    i hate you... more »

  • What Happened To Me?

    Life has never been so hard
    everything is going too fast
    I swear its like its the past... more »

  • Your My Everything

    I'm sorry i left
    I left it all behind
    And now that im out here
    I see how cruel it is... more »

  • Your Night To Shine

    Take a deep breathe
    walk on to the stage
    Dont let em see
    the fear in your eyes... more »