• A Perfect Creature.

    Your beauty dazzles like the early morning sun,
    your angelic voice, like the singing voices of the birds of the woods.
    Your eyes, sparkles like the crystal clear waters of mother Nature.
    My heart reaches out to you,... more »

  • All Alone

    Am all alone,
    no friend to say hello,
    I know Death will be glad to do so,
    God help me I die not alone.... more »

  • How Sweet

    How sweet in the Heat,
    to dream and beam,
    with your feet on a seat,
    where the trees are green..... more »

  • Mid Summer Beauty

    Thou blossomed into a true beauty that summer.
    Thy hair grew more golden as the summer progressed.
    Thy eyes, took on the deep blue of the summer sky,
    and thy complextion, as soft as a summer cloud.... more »

  • My Love Of Lebanon

    Under that very tent,
    on the arid lands of Lebanon,
    will i find the one that
    will bring me joy... more »

  • The Breeze

    Rumbling and singing,
    whispering to my ears,
    smiling at my face,
    so gentle like a Dove.... more »