• Acceptance

    Compulsatory staring at the wall is all the rage with the teenagers of today.
    In English, it is called 'acceptance'.

    It is a job consisting of cheap but expensive duties. Pays well.
    Buzzing conversations begin each morning.... more »

  • Dream

    Grandma told me not to lust
    For cucumbers and kingly crust
    But for pickles and of bread
    This is what my grandma said... more »

  • My Heart

    on the land
    takes 1 day
    through the sea
    takes 2 days... more »

  • Only I

    only i can view my life
    only i can say the uncontrollable things that i say
    only me... more »

  • Strong Inuyasha

    So many morals to your story
    So many truths to your words
    Being so strong when the world is so weak
    Standing up and never backing down... more »

  • Yes

    Biology is taken care of by History
    I don't care as long as you're next to me
    Confusion gives in
    Nothing is win-win... more »