• Don'T Take Life Seriously

    Why live life so serious
    When you could be delirious
    You could go have lots of fun
    Why live with burden when you can just pack up and run... more »

  • I Know You Like Me

    My point of view
    I saw you at the shopping mall
    When I saw you my heart speeded up so fast I could fall
    Then you smiled and waved at me... more »

  • Saved By The Bell

    At school eating lunch alone
    Boring sad old lucie jone
    People tried avoiding me the best that they could
    Why? I wish they never would... more »

  • You

    I thought of you today but that's nothing new
    I wish that you could love me to
    Everyday your always in my heart and head
    you don't take in those words that I said... more »