• (no Name) (Song)

    You are my darkness surrounding
    And my nightmare within
    You are the pain that surrounds me... more »

  • A Birthday Wish

    If I had one wish, it would be to see you again,
    To see your face and marvel at your grace,
    If only for a moment...... more »

  • Best Friend (Song)

    Verse 1:
    We may be far apart
    But you’re safe here in my heart
    You’re my sister... more »

  • Beware

    Beware that which travels by shadow and feast on the night
    For I will fill your your dreams with fright
    My day, is your night
    And your darkness, is my light... more »

  • Broken Road

    I used to live in darkness
    Farthest from the light
    I used to live in sorrow
    I begged for the night... more »

  • Calling

    Screaming... more »

  • Crimson Red

    People Dieing
    But not dead
    People laying
    In a blood stained bed... more »

  • Dance

    At one time,
    My life was everything but seblime,
    It was filled with sorrow,
    I had no hope for tomorrow...... more »

  • Dont Tell Me

    Don't tell me to stop
    When I still want to try
    Don't tell me to say what I mean
    When I still want to lie... more »

  • Frozen Face

    I see your frozen face
    As the sunlight dances across your lips
    You turn to dust before my eyes
    I don't hide you, nor try to stop it... more »

  • I Do

    Do you love me?
    Because I love you...
    When you look at me,
    Do you see?... more »

  • I Want To Spend A Lifetime Loving You

    I want to spend a lifetime loving you.
    If that is all in life I ever do
    I want nothing else to see me through
    For all I need is a lifetime spent, loving you.... more »

  • Just A Little

    Just a prick, he says
    Just a tug, she says
    Not much pain at all
    Just a little...... more »

  • No Reason

    Everyone seems to wonder what the reason for love is…
    They wish to wonder on the possibilities…
    They wish to understand the meaning…... more »

  • Oh Sweet Silver Moon

    Oh sweet silver moon
    Tell your lies
    Let me drown in the tears your cry
    Even if just for tonight... more »

  • Once Apon A Sometime

    Sometimes the way you look at me,
    Looks like you are in love,
    That look my friend, would tell it all...
    'Cept its not me you thinking of...... more »

  • Our Love Never Dies

    I close my eyes. And I see you...
    You are in my dreams, filling them with light.
    I used to live in darkness...
    I used to live in sorrow...... more »

  • Please

    There is on comfort in the emptiness of me.,
    No past, no present, no future,
    But then I am slammed by reality,
    By the hate and pain,... more »

  • Serenity Of Dreams

    In the darkness, The absence of light
    In the nightmare that comes by night
    There is a dream, waiting for you and me
    To fight, for destiny.... more »

  • Sheath-N-Sword

    They sucked out my blood
    They took away my life... more »

  • Sinking Darkness

    I am slowly falling
    Sinking into the darkness
    Black surrounds me
    I am alone... more »

  • Slip

    I slip into the darkness that is my home
    My mind and soul wander, whither I roam?
    Does my heart sink into oblivion as I look?
    Upon the face of my destiny, the reflection in a babbling brook...... more »

  • What Is A Father?

    Is he the man who you share genes with?
    Or he is part of you?
    Is he the man you mother married?
    Or who you are attached to?... more »

  • What Is A Marine?

    What is a Marine?
    Is a Marine a soldier?
    Is a Marine their country?
    Is a Marine a person or a force?... more »

  • What You Said

    You said you loved me
    You said I had a special place in your heart
    So, why are we apart?
    How can you do this to me?... more »