• How To Deal

    I have to learn how to deal with a broken heart
    to live my life as if nothing's wrong.

    I will never forget the day he broke it... more »

  • Jealous

    I am a very jealous soul
    jealous and protective
    a dangerous combination... more »

  • Knowing You

    I want to know all there is about you,
    tell me your deepest secrets,
    your wildest dreams,
    even your biggest fear!... more »

  • Myoneandonly

    Have you ever been 'in love'?
    Have you had a special someone?
    The someone who gives you the butterflies
    The someone that makes you happy... more »

  • String Around Your Finger

    Am i a string around your finger?
    Do i cause you as much pain as you cause me?
    I hope im a memory that stays alive
    Something that never dies... more »

  • Uncontainable

    My love for you is uncontainable,
    wild and free,
    competely ready to run.
    My feelings strong and special,... more »