• Addicted

    The harder she tried
    The harder she fell
    Each time getting weaker
    But it was an addiction... more »

  • Affection

    ... more »

  • Alliteration Anonymous

    Optical illusions
    Distortions and diffusions
    Detrimental depression
    Ominous oppression... more »

  • Angel

    Angel, won't you sing for me
    My ears ache for your song
    I want to hear your melody
    I want to hum along... more »

  • Anxiety

    Lapse in concentration
    Relapse of the past
    I shut my eyes for fear
    They're coming to get me... more »

  • Apples

    Apples falling to the ground
    Hitting the soft, warm earth
    Stirring the scent of death and decay
    In the wake of a little girl's curse... more »

  • Attraction

    Fear of rejection
    Of embarrassment and shame
    Holds us back
    And makes us tame... more »

  • Baby, You Lied

    Baby, you lied to me
    You told me we were over
    But now you lost your other witch
    You want to be my lover... more »

  • Beautiful Lies

    She tells me she loves me
    She promise me satisfaction
    She urges me to be better
    To attain complete perfection... more »

  • Beautiful Princess

    Beautiful princess
    Broken and bruised
    Tears swell strongly within
    Swallowed by pain... more »

  • Bittersweet

    Bittersweet strawberries
    Stain my mouth
    Taint my mouth
    With blood-red filth... more »

  • Broken Doll

    Ferocious tornado, vicious cycle
    Anonymous game for a frigid icicle
    My life spins before me, out of my control
    And I lie on the floor, helpless like a broken doll... more »

  • Broken In Half

    Broken in half
    Split two ways
    Jagged edges
    Cut like a knife... more »

  • Broken Vessel

    Broken vessel, doubled over
    Tears fall like ceaseless rain
    The convulsions are violent
    Yet utterly silent... more »

  • Butterflies In A Cage

    Butterflies in a little cage
    Fluttering anxiously
    Little wings kiss the heart
    Of the matter, tenderly... more »

  • Cannot Find The Words

    I cannot find the words
    For what I feel inside
    I cannot explain it
    I cannot describe... more »

  • Can'T Say It

    Can't say it
    Don't want to break it
    Don't want to see it fall
    Words fail it... more »

  • Cowardice

    You walk away every day
    From what you cannot face
    Cowardice is your neice
    Whom you dote on frequently... more »

  • Crimson

    She's hurting me
    Murdering me
    Bludgeoning me to death
    Blood and tears... more »

  • Cults And Faults

    Cults and faults
    Nuts and bolts
    Hold a life together
    Religion and rules... more »

  • Daddy's Little Girl

    Daddy's little girl
    Dancing in a circle
    Innocence and naivete
    Curiosity and little feet... more »

  • Dally Not

    Dally not
    Time waits for no one
    Come hither before the sun does rise
    The dark is our cover... more »

  • Depression

    Lost identity
    Sad perplexity
    Melancholic distractions
    Ugly confusion... more »

  • Depression #2

    Painful melancholy
    Broken innards
    Isolated solitude
    Desire to sleep... more »

  • Depression #3

    Crippling chaos
    Murderous madness
    Jolted and jaded
    Disillusioned and dazed... more »