• Did You See Him?

    Did you see him come?
    Did you know his name?
    I saw him leave
    Saw him vanish like a memory... more »

  • Eclipse

    We all looked the same
    When the moon struck the sun
    When day turned to dark
    While the hours were still young... more »

  • Emotions

    Fury exploding like terrorist bombs
    Sadness drowning like waterfalls
    Awaiting help that never comes
    Anger looming like fearsome walls... more »

  • Empty Promises

    Come to me
    My restless child
    I will give you perfect peace
    Give to me... more »

  • Eternally Haunted

    Time won't heal the pain
    Imbedded deep in my soul
    Constant fear and anxiety
    Terror and insecurity... more »

  • Fact Vs. Fiction

    This is no game
    It is no riddle
    Nothing to be solved
    Fight the battle... more »

  • Falling

    She fell so hard
    She broke her head
    And almost bled to death
    The thoughts seeped out... more »

  • False Security

    That very first time
    Your hand was so warm
    Your eyes so kind
    Your lips promised perfection... more »

  • Fatal Addiction

    Let it go
    Forget how you feel
    Forget what you've always wanted
    It's not for you... more »

  • Foreign Ground

    This foreign ground I stand on
    Brings me to my knees
    Unkown expectations
    Fill me with fear... more »

  • Greatly Forsaken

    Alas, my mind does fail me again
    My thoughts have long eluded me
    No sanity comforts me in my bed
    My wits have all but deserted me... more »

  • Heal The Soul

    So many things I want to say
    So many words I cannot find
    I had so much hidden anger inside
    But I've left it all behind... more »

  • Hell Calls

    Hell calls to remind me
    That there is no escape
    No home for me to go to
    Nothing to keep me safe... more »

  • Hold My Heart

    Hold my heart in your hands
    Guard it with your life
    Please don't break it
    You know I can't take it... more »

  • Hush Now

    Not a word from your mouth
    Don't make a sound
    The dark has come to sheild you
    To put you to sleep... more »

  • I Am Nothing

    I am nothing
    I do not exist
    I am nothing
    I am deceased... more »

  • I Miss You

    I miss you my love
    You're so far away
    Out of reach
    Out of touch... more »

  • I Want To Know You

    I want to know you
    To hold and to kiss you
    I want you to know me too
    I want you to hold me... more »

  • Insanity

    Broken hands
    Bleeding freely
    I hear my heart
    I feel my soul... more »

  • Internal Voices

    Internal voices scream
    They screech with pitiful craze
    Scratching behind my eyes
    They put me in a daze... more »

  • Lay It Down

    Lay it down
    On the ground
    Let it fall
    From your back... more »

  • Lie

    Don't eat
    Don't sleep
    Lie in bed all day
    Don't think... more »

  • Little Dragonfly

    Little dragonfly
    So small and frail
    With your tears you flood the earth
    Do not despair... more »

  • Little Girl Inside

    Little girl inside
    Barely six years old
    Subjected to years
    Of abuse and torture... more »

  • Little Miss Strawberry

    Little miss strawberry
    Sat between two friendly fruit
    Mister pear on her left
    Mister banana on her right... more »