• Love

    What is love?
    Who is mine?
    When will I see?
    What is mine?... more »

  • Love Falling Freely

    Love falling freely
    Pride miles ahead
    Yesterday never died
    Tomorrow never comes... more »

  • Love Of Mine

    Love of mine
    Love unkind
    Why do you hurt me so?
    Love of mine... more »

  • Meaning

    You never say what you mean
    You never mean what you say
    Who do I have left to trust?
    You took my bleeding heart... more »

  • Memories Of Myself

    Memories fading slowly
    Years have marred the soul
    Wounded and broken
    Innocence lost... more »

  • My Beautiful Muse

    My beautiful muse
    My handsome one
    How long must I wait?
    Before I can hold you?... more »

  • My Butterfly & My Moth

    My pretty butterfly
    Flies away from me
    I cannot keep hold of him
    He just wants to be free... more »

  • My Heart

    My heart aches
    My heart breaks
    My heart is scattered around
    My heart hurts... more »

  • My Lovely Child

    I'll wait for you, my lovely child
    I'll wait to see your face
    If years will flee
    Still here I'll be... more »

  • No Man's Land

    They're floating silently
    Into No Man's Land
    Hand grenades and lolliepops
    Heart attacks and nightmares... more »

  • Nothing To It

    For what do we wait?
    From what do we hide?
    Holding us down is nothing
    But the strings tying us together... more »

  • Oh The Shame

    The shame
    Oh the shame
    Of being what I am
    The pain... more »

  • Only Desire

    Run your hands through my hair
    Gently touch my face
    Smother me with kisses
    Hold me if you dare... more »

  • Pain Of Today

    Just one of those days
    Like gowing through a phase
    When nothing seems okay
    Yesterday hurst... more »

  • Phantom Of My Dreams

    Phantom of my dreams
    Angel of my nightmares
    Doused in black
    Eluding days and light... more »

  • Poetic Justice

    Poetry is my weaponry
    Words my heavy armour
    They protect me, safeguard me
    From the lies that hunt and haunt... more »

  • Real Dream

    My dream was real
    My reality was dreamy
    It only lasted for a little while... more »

  • Red, Purple, Blue & White

    Red is for mad
    Angry and insane
    Dripping like blood
    From someone's brain... more »

  • Reminiscence

    Days of old
    Wandering feet
    Naivety and innocence
    Laughter and smiles... more »

  • Restless And Ruthless

    Restless and ruthless
    Naively seeking
    What cannot be found
    Holding fast to a lie... more »

  • Restless Dreamer

    Restless dreamer
    Open your eyes
    Behold what you possess
    Why do you lust... more »

  • Restless Insomniac

    Restless insomniac
    Death rocked her to sleep
    Blood falling into a dark sky
    She drowned in it... more »

  • Running Away

    Running away from home
    A bag full of necessities on my back
    The moon frowns
    The stars glisten like sinister eyes... more »

  • She Found Herself

    She found herself today
    She found herself
    And she didn't run away... more »

  • She Sold Herself For A Penny

    She sold herself for a penny
    To an old man by the bay
    Who asked her in
    For a tot of gin... more »