• Pure Bliss

    You're the one that keeps me going,
    you're the one that keeps me glowing,
    about all of this passionate desire that is between us,
    all of the love that is in your eyes, all of the pure lust.... more »

  • Rain Drops

    Going through the cycle,
    And going with the flow.
    What will I do next?
    Which way should I go?... more »

  • Random [in A Hurry]

    Nothing coming to mind,
    Nothing, I can find.
    Trying to think of what to write,
    Please, someone turn on my bright light.... more »

  • Shadow

    Always there.
    Following you,
    Everywhere.... more »

  • The Notebook

    It has many inspiring pages,
    On these pages are marvelous words,
    Which initiate new ides,
    That are turned into dreams.... more »

  • The Real World

    Sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs.
    Rock stars, movie stars, super stars
    They have had more than enough... more »

  • The Sunglasses

    You see it in color,
    You see it in black and white,
    You see it differently,
    Only through the sunglasses.... more »

  • To Grandpa

    I still think you're here,
    That you're not dead yet.
    I just can't believe it,... more »

  • To Grasp

    Why does everyone have to die,
    Leave their loved ones,
    And float to the sky?... more »

  • Unfinished

    Why did you choose it over me,
    I know reality is harsh,
    but life, you cannot flee.... more »

  • Untitled? ?

    Everytime I close my eyes
    I see your loving face
    it's trapt within my mind
    and it will never escape... more »

  • Your Luxury

    I wish I was your luxury
    I want to be held with security
    in your arms while feeling free
    I want to kiss you on your lips... more »