• Machinery

    When she woke up in the morning Bobby was gone
    and the next time she saw him he failed to acknowledge her.
    When I looked up last night
    I confused a neon light for the moon.... more »

  • Movement

    I think I might be moving
    Swaying rapidly
    Back and forth... more »

  • Notes On Our Stay

    Meek now, the night subsiding
    We hunch our shoulders against the cold
    And troop more than traipse home.... more »

  • Old Poem For The New World (I Want To Go Home)

    Oh please.
    Take care of me.
    Let me put aside
    Resentment and Vitriol... more »

  • Orion

    Orion trembles at my windowsill
    Tonight she wears her vulnerability.
    Like weakness, she toys with me.... more »

  • Provide For Today

    It is difficult to play the society game
    It is a difficult part
    to play.
    It is dangerous and daunting... more »

  • Realism

    I've been dreaming of sleeping
    Close to the earth.
    Of huddling deep
    In the death and the dirt.... more »

  • Remorse

    So assess;
    The things you know about you.
    Find every flighty belief
    and every niggling doubt.... more »

  • Reverse (Just Like The Movies)

    In autumn. The wind whipping
    Dead leaves down a grey street.
    Wondering if you could just walk
    Backwards. Could this be undone.... more »

  • Self-Reliance

    Listening to Elliot Smith On Repeat
    With some written cheap significance.
    The Secret History or such like.
    In the Cool Blue of every summer evening.... more »

  • Sleeping Badly

    I burst out of the stillness of sleep.
    Pollute the night with a cacophony of sound.
    My hard heartbeat roaring
    My heavy chest heaving.... more »

  • Still (What Would Have Been Dignified)

    I found myself alone.
    Feet aching, head spinning
    Taking a moment to rest.
    Suddenly and sadly... more »

  • Still(What Would Be Alright) Sequel

    Well someone came back,
    And pity him
    Like he could hear my thoughts
    He took my hand and he pulled me away.... more »

  • Strange Articles

    And if the frost makes the flower
    Then it blooms unbidden
    And spills out
    All terrible colour... more »

  • The 16: 19 Westbound.

    The light is greyer than it should be.
    It pours all over endless
    heavily rectangular gardens.
    I can't imagine those right angles... more »

  • The Morning

    The pre-morning dew.
    Has seeped through our clothes
    to the skin.
    Aiming steadily towards... more »

  • The Network Was Down

    I had a brilliant poem I swear.
    A million of them
    All lined up ready to parade my undeniable
    Skill, my depth, my abilty.... more »

  • Therapy Sessions

    I don't mind adversity so bad.
    Lord knows it beats the apathy.
    And I don't particularly mind the downtime alone.
    Cause I know it beats the crowdtime alone.... more »

  • This Fever

    His kiss,
    When its given,
    isn't gracious. Isn't careful.
    His fist curls a tangle in my hair,... more »

  • Venirs.

    Cowards write poems.
    Anyone with half a gram of merit.
    Speaks.... more »

  • Who's Fault Is It Then? Chronicles

    The ocean is stony from this distance.
    Great, glistening planes of steel living.
    At flying speed everythings still and full.
    The death and the love and the giving.... more »

  • Wisdom Teeth

    My jaw has been aching all day
    With their slow deliberate ascent.
    They mark me, my dissolute way.
    Make felt their knowing dissent.... more »

  • Writing Sad Things For Sweet Men

    I'd think it a sign from the gods I think
    If I were a little bit less of a cynic.
    Tonight something broke in the back of my mind
    And in the noise of the shower I cried and... more »