• A Subtle Suicide

    she just says she's fine
    she acts like she's okay
    you believe her
    she seems happy... more »

  • Apologies

    i can't stop thinking that i love you
    and i want you to know that i really do
    it pains me to think about what i did
    i wish i could take back the hurtful things i said... more »

  • Beautiful Death

    frost bitten rain drop
    watched by crystal eyes
    spinning in whirl-winds
    dancing across still skies... more »

  • Beauty

    spots the color of cardboard
    painted cotton coming from the seams
    red marks in a perfect line
    all hiding an unseen beauty... more »

  • Conversing With Myself

    i see
    what you couldn't see
    i feel
    things you couldn't feel... more »

  • Drunken Of Fatigue

    as crystal eyes sway
    they long for a dream
    for a weary mind
    is not quite sane enough for consiousness... more »

  • Gone

    it just keeps ringing.
    why won't you answer?
    the blood keeps falling
    my heart beating faster... more »

  • Here You Go

    a holiday for you
    a break from insanity
    a path away from lies
    but it's only a holiday on your end... more »

  • I Wish You'D Stop To Think

    the looks you give
    the words you say
    the thoughts you think
    the feelings you feel... more »

  • I'M Gonna Write A Poem

    i'm gonna write a poem
    not too long nor too short
    it will be about beauty
    about life and death and happiness... more »

  • Kill Me, My Love

    love was made to distroy hate-
    so distroy me
    stab me, love.
    stab my hate-filled body and watch it fall...... more »

  • Latent Happiness Part I

    life unfolding
    behind the velvet curtain
    lies forgiven
    goodness redeemed... more »

  • Latent Happiness Part Ii

    Provoked Thoughts

    i find myself sitting
    affront this velvet curtain... more »

  • My Return

    i've missed you
    (you've missed me, right?)
    it's been a while
    (sorry)... more »

  • Silent Murderer

    silent murderer
    creeping through my mind
    kill every lovely thought
    tear open my heart... more »

  • Sweet Revenge

    one day they will have their lives taken
    and slowly they will suffer for all they have done
    dropp after dropp their blood will be lost
    only the crimson stains will remain of it... more »

  • The Irony Of Despair

    the silence breaks the noise;
    dark and fearful
    as shadows consume the light
    and the sun that shown with radiance;... more »

  • To You

    are you happy now that you're in love?
    is it as good as you thought it would be?
    are you trying not to think about
    how much it's going to hurt when... more »

  • We Will Be Happy

    kill them
    put them out of their misary
    they've been crying this storm of tears
    for way too long... more »

  • You Hurt Me

    you hurt me once
    and now you want to hurt me twice?
    you left me alone
    left my life... more »