• Fake Friends

    I could stand in a space,
    Yet you cannot see my face,
    They don't see my tears,
    Don't ask of my fears,... more »

  • He Loved Me.....?

    He hurt me,
    He betrayed me
    so how could he love me?... more »

  • If Only...*

    I want the rain to fall from the skies above,
    And wash away my longing love,
    I wish the rain would diguise my tears,
    And let me forget all my fears,... more »

  • Mirrors

    It's funny how a mirror helps a girl,
    Not only does it help her see her lashes curl,
    But lets her world around her unfurl,
    Looking in her eyes,... more »

  • Sorry

    Sorry im not perfect
    Sorry im not what you want me to be,
    Im sorry i have many insecurities,
    I guess thats just a part of me.... more »

  • Struggling

    My weaknesses they wont show through,
    I will not tell you my point of view,
    I promise myself that i wont cry,
    If i feel pain i will turn a blind eye.... more »

  • Thank You.....Not

    I want to say thank you to the frinds who saw me when no one else knew i was there,
    The friends that hugged me when i cried,
    The friends who supported me through desperate times,
    The friends who talked to me when I was in despair,... more »

  • The Perfect Woman......./3

    I look around me all the time,
    And i admit seeing those pictures made me shy,
    You see the posters upon the walls,
    Silently inside you, you feel the tear falls.... more »

  • Too Close

    I thought you would be my first love,
    Thats what i thought end of,
    You held my hands in front of your mates,
    I thought everything was going to be great,... more »

  • Valentines Day

    Valentines day
    Perfect Day
    who am i kidding?... more »