Well what to say haha.
erm im Lauren i like to be different and to stand up for things i believe in. I write alot helps me get through things well. I write about a lot of things i have felt or been through.
I currently am in a Six form which i love.

I learnt alot abut the values of friendship and who real friends are and who are not. Im now a happy girl in a good relationship with my boyfriend. So overall i am a happy as i got good true friends who look after me.



Lauren Secret Poems

If Only...*

I want the rain to fall from the skies above,
And wash away my longing love,
I wish the rain would diguise my tears,
And let me forget all my fears,... more »

He Loved Me.....?

He hurt me,
He betrayed me
so how could he love me?... more »


It's funny how a mirror helps a girl,
Not only does it help her see her lashes curl,
But lets her world around her unfurl,
Looking in her eyes,... more »

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