• Come What May

    Everything is different, and you are the key
    Intense and strange, so foreign to me
    Black & white gone, colours everywhere
    Fragrances lingering in the flavoured air... more »

  • Lucky Me

    Lucky me, trying out all these new pills,
    Surely one of them will be the cure for all ills?
    I wonder what this little white one will do?
    Oooh, those pink dancing cows are new....... more »

  • So Lonely

    Strange people, strange places
    Strange ways and strange faces
    Alone yet so crowded
    So empty it sounded... more »

  • The Big Issue Or The Porkers Lament

    Measure love in weight & I've more than most to give
    Measure fun in lbs & oz's - oh what a life I live!
    Big & bubbly, larger than life
    Homely & cuddly, the perfect wife?... more »

  • The Journey

    I wake and you're next to me,
    Holding and talking, we linger a while
    Reluctantly leave our bed shaped cocoon... more »