• Adoration

    Who does not feel desire unending
    To solace through his daily strife,
    With some mysterious Mental Blending,
    The hungry loneliness of life?... more »

  • Afridi Love

    Since, Oh, Beloved, you are not even faithful
    To me, who loved you so, for one short night,
    For one brief space of darkness, though my absence... more »

  • Among The Rice Fields

    She was fair as a Passion-flower,
    (But little of love he knew.)
    Her lucent eyes were like amber wine,
    And her eyelids stained with blue.... more »

  • Ashore

    Out I came from the dancing-place:
    The night-wind met me face to face--

    A wind off the harbour, cold and keen,... more »

  • Atavism

    Deep in the jungle vast and dim,
    That knew not a white man's feet,
    I smelt the odour of sun-warmed fur,
    Musky, savage, and sweet.... more »

  • Back To The Border

    The tremulous morning is breaking
    Against the white waste of the sky,
    And hundreds of birds are awaking
    In tamarisk bushes hard by.... more »

  • Camp Follower's Song, Gomal River

    We have left Gul Kach behind us,
    Are marching on Apozai,--
    Where pleasure and rest are waiting
    To welcome us by and by.... more »

  • Dedication

    I, who of lighter love wrote many a verse,
    Made public never words inspired by thee,
    Lest strangers' lips should carelessly rehearse... more »

  • Dedication To Malcolm Nicolson

    I, who of lighter love wrote many a verse,
    Made public never words inspired by thee,
    Lest strangers' lips should carelessly rehearse... more »

  • Deserted Gipsy's Song: Hillside Camp

    She is glad to receive your turquoise ring,
    Dear and dark-eyed Lover of mine!
    I, to have given you everything:
    Beauty maddens the soul like Wine.... more »

  • Disappointment

    Oh, come, Beloved, before my beauty fades,
    Pity the sorrow of my loneliness.
    I am a Rosebush that the Cypress shades,... more »

  • Early Love

    Who says I wrong thee, my half-opened rose?
    Little he knows of thee or me, or love.--
    I am so tender of thy fragile youth,... more »

  • Famine Song

    Death and Famine on every side
    And never a sign of rain,
    The bones of those who have starved and died... more »

  • Fancy

    Far in the Further East the skilful craftsman
    Fashioned this fancy for the West's delight.
    This rose and azure Dragon, crouching softly... more »

  • Farewell

    Farewell, Aziz, it was not mine to fold you
    Against my heart for any length of days.
    I had no loveliness, alas, to hold you,... more »

  • Fate Knows No Tears

    Just as the dawn of Love was breaking
    Across the weary world of grey,
    Just as my life once more was waking... more »

  • Feroke

    The rice-birds fly so white, so silver white,
    The velvet rice-flats lie so emerald green,
    My heart inhales, with sorrowful delight,... more »

  • Feroza

    The evening sky was as green as Jade,
    As Emerald turf by Lotus lake,
    Behind the Kafila far she strayed,... more »

  • From Behind The Lattice

    I see your red-gold hair and know
    How white the hidden skin must be,
    Though sun-kissed face and fingers show
    The fervour of the noon-day glow,... more »

  • Golden Eyes

    Oh Amber Eyes, oh Golden Eyes!
    Oh Eyes so softly gay!
    Wherein swift fancies fall and rise,
    Grow dark and fade away... more »

  • Hira-Singh's Farewell To Burmah

    On the wooden deck of the wooden Junk, silent, alone, we lie,
    With silver foam about the bow, and a silver moon in the sky:... more »

  • His Rubies: Told By Valgovind

    Along the hot and endless road,
    Calm and erect, with haggard eyes,
    The prisoner bore his fetters' load
    Beneath the scorching, azure skies.... more »

  • I Arise And Go Down To The River

    I arise and go down to the River, and currents that come from the sea,
    Still fresh with the salt of the ocean, are lovely and precious to me,... more »

  • I Shall Forget

    Although my life, which thou hast scarred and shaken,
    Retains awhile some influence of thee,
    As shells, by faithless waves long since forsaken,... more »

  • In The Early, Pearly Morning

    Song by Valgovind

    The fields are full of Poppies, and the skies are very blue,
    By the Temple in the coppice, I wait, Beloved, for you.... more »